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What's good for Humans is better for business.

What we do

What we do

We help companies create work cultures that unlock human potential.


We create and lead experiences that generate team unity and inclusion, coach leaders to lead with empathy and authenticity and design human-centric work cultures that harness the power of human connection to fuel organizational transformation.


Because what’s good for humans is better for business. ​

It's simple - when your people thrive, your business thrives. 



We design and facilitate innovative events and experiences for remote and hybrid teams that help you generate team trust, connection, and inspiration.


We use creative strategies and tools to create the space for your team to connect over the stuff that matters. 


Leadership is everything. We offer a unique approach to leadership coaching for seasoned executives, new managers, and individuals that focuses on developing your own leadership style, developing core skills, and building your personal brand.

We help you find and develop your leadership style, expand your influence, and motivate your virtual and hybrid teams.


We design human-centered work cultures that are built on the things that matter most to employees: purpose, trust, growth, and connection.

We help you build upon what's working well and dismantle what's not to create a magnetic company culture.

What people are saying

What people are saying
Virtual Team Meeting

"The pandemic forced us to shift from a tight-knit group that all worked together under one roof, to working entirely remotely, nearly overnight. We hadn’t had a chance to interact with each other outside of our structured meeting agendas in over a year and were looking for a way to meaningfully reconnect people before ramping into some really important initiatives. capital H. helped our staff connect with each other in new ways, strengthen relationships, increase our level of trust and help us tackle hard problems together."

— Scott Kania, CEO



"capital H. hosted a social event for my company last night and I’m waking up this morning with a little more love, empathy and connection for/with my colleagues. Through small group conversations and “medium talk”, I learned my 40 colleagues grew up in many countries including China, Sri Lanka, Italy, South Africa, India, Egypt, France, Spain, Belgium and from all over the US. I learned a close colleague is a pancreatic cancer survivor, another likes to remodel houses on the weekends, another visited the Berlin wall as it was falling and another didn’t have a family car growing up so used a bicycle to get everywhere. An incredible look into the diverse lives of people I spend hours with every day."

Kristen Perkins, Director

Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Who we are

Who we are


Hi! We're Julia (left) and Lindsey (right), sisters and the humans behind capital H.

The "H" is for Human and our mission is to make work a more human experience.  

We’re innovators, facilitators, and consultants who bring over 25 years of collective experience from academia, global non-profits and Fortune 500 companies leading teams and designing experiences that unite, connect, and inspire people.

We are profoundly inspired by what’s possible when we harness the power of human connection and believe that a more connected, truthful world will unlock the door to a better future for us all.


Lindsey Coit, MPH

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Lindsey is a consultant and executive coach. She has spent her career working alongside CEOs, CHROs, and CIOs leading strategic partnerships, motivating and inspiring employees & teams, and developing strategies to improve organizational health. Most recently she worked with Private Equity firms to develop solutions to today’s most pressing organizational challenges, including the transition to remote / hybrid work, virtual engagement strategies, and DEI initiatives. She is known for her disarming, authentic leadership style, critical problem-solving skills, and big-picture thinking.

Lindsey studied Anthropology and Economics at Connecticut College, and earned her MPH in Health Policy & Management at Columbia University.

Lindsey lives in Maine with her yellow lab, June. In her free time you can find her hiking, experimenting with gluten-free baking, and playing Billy Joel on the piano. 

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Julia Coit, MPH

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Julia is a consultant and strategic advisor to executives in biopharmaceutical start-ups and global health non-profits. She has spent her career leading the strategy & implementation of large-scale research initiatives in infectious disease at Harvard Medical School, acting as a trusted advisor to executives and local allies in Latin America and Africa.  Most recently, she served as a scientific expert and change management consultant, guiding executives through evidence-based, inclusive decision making to keep workforces and communities safe from the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. She is known for her equanimity, systems-approach to problem solving and sense of humor.

Julia studied Psychobiology and Hispanic Studies at Wheaton College (MA) and earned her MPH in Epidemiology & Global Health at Boston University.

Julia lives in Portland, ME and in her free time you can find her at the ocean, in a flower garden, or making tacos over an open fire.

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