XHow to nail your next hard conversation

About the workshop

“A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations they are willing to have.” - Tim Ferris Whether you need to give feedback, coach a low performer, let someone go, say no, ask for a raise, address social justice issues, or start another type of high-stakes dialogue, the opportunity to face (or dodge!) tough conversations are around just about every corner - especially at work. The good news is, that with some tools and practice, they're easier to face and this skill becomes an asset. The thing is, people remember the times when someone had the courage to be honest with them, or say something that no one else had the courage to say. Are you facing a conversation you just don't want to have, but know you need to? Are you looking for help figuring out your approach? Deciding whether it's worth it to engage at all? Do you want to ensure you get your message right, and communicate clearly? How about manage the emotions that may (...usually!) arise? Anticipating responses? Steering the conversation towards your desired outcome? Making it through to the other side with the relationship in tact? We are here to help. Julia, who is certified in Conflict Resolution and has over a decade of experience helping clients, friends, family and colleagues navigate challenging conversations while restoring and retaining important relationships, offers free initial consultations to help you navigate the complexities of having high-courage conversations. Book your time with her and move through that conversation on your mind with confidence.