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How to Awaken Your Inner Leader

About the workshop

Doubt. That little voice that wonders: Can I really do this? What if I’m not _____ enough? What if I fail? These questions are designed to keep us safe, but they also keep us small. The antidote to self-doubt is awakening your Inner Leader, your highest self, the part of you that knows how powerful and capable you really are. During this workshop, you will learn the tools to live from your highest self by: · Gaining a deeper understanding of your self-doubt tendencies and how they are holding you back · Dreaming big and envision what’s possible without this little voice · Connecting with and learn from like-minded professionals who are also ready to break free · Acquiring tangible skills to move from doubt to conviction, insecurity to confidence, and indecision to action. If you’re ready to make more money, pivot your career or step into your power then this workshop is for you. What to know before you go: * The cost of this workshop is whatever you'd like to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Register for free on the next page and we'll share a donation link during the training. *All workshops are scheduled in US Eastern Standard Time *This class will be hosted on Zoom and include breakout rooms where you will be interacting with other participants. *The Zoom link will be emailed to you after you register. Your Host, Lindsey Coit Lindsey is a coach, community-builder and co-founder of capital H. and she is no stranger to self doubt. After wrestling with it during her career, she has a deep understanding of how it can make you feel small and hold you back from the life you want. Through her experience and formal training, she has developed the tools and skills to help guide and coach individuals and up-and-coming leaders who are looking to speak their truth, step into their power and live from their Inner Leader.

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