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Conflict resolution

High-courage conversations

Is there something you know you need to talk about with someone in your life, but aren't sure how to start?


Maybe you need to give some  important feedback, ask for that raise,  deliver  bad news, set a boundary, or let someone go? Julia helps you do this in such a way that you preserve your relationships and learn to approach conflict with grit, grace, kindness and compassion. 

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Casual Meeting

In-person gatherings

Human Connections

This free monthly gathering in Portland, ME is for people who want to show up differently at work. Whether it's stepping into a leadership role, growing your team, pivoting your career or taking on more responsibility, this is a unique opportunity to develop the skills to get you there.


Through mix of education and facilitated conversation, you will find your voice & speak your truth, learn how to motivate and influence others, successfully transition from 'player' to 'coach', master the art of delegation, and get comfortable with conflict.


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Leadership coaching

Awaken your inner leader

We are all complex beings made up of many different aspects of self.  Some aspects are supportive, courageous and appreciative (‘I’ve got this!’) while others are more negative and hold you back in life (‘What will people think?’).

Meet 1:1 with Lindsey to get started on your path to finding your Inner Leader, the aspects of yourself you can easily call  upon to lead the way at any time.


Through a series of exercises, we will work through a four-step process for getting unstuck so you can expand into the life you want with more courage and conviction. 

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